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Emma Gillo

Emma Gillo is a contemporary landscape artist, her work is an emotional response to the landscape of Sussex where she has lived her whole life. She seeks to explore her own feelings about place, memory and history through her sensitive approach to painting. 

Creeping Light

Artist Statement

My paintings begin out in the landscape of Sussex, often whilst I am walking my dogs - I will spend time really looking; looking at the quality of light, at shadows and the abstract form of distant fauna.  I spend time listening to the sounds around me and try to connect with how I feel emotionally.  All of this sensory stimulus feeds into my work, once back in the studio. My motivation is not to replicate where I’ve been as a recognisable place, but to capture how the place made me feel. It is important to me that there is enough abstraction that the viewer can find their own connections within my work - that my paintings evoke an emotive response through the interplay of light and shadow, form and abstraction. 

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